February 23, 2013

Google World

Posted in Society at 05:54 by graham

First thing in the morning, I check my gmail on my Google Nexus 7 tablet, or my Nexus 4 phone, whichever is nearest. I have a conference call so I fire up my Chromebook. Google’s browser, Chrome, uses Google’s public DNS servers ( and Google network’s protocol (SPDY), to connect to gmail.

In the Google Calendar invite, I click the Google Hangouts link and video conference. I’m lucky to live in Kansas City, with it’s super-fast Google Fiber internet connection. We update a Google Doc, stored on Google Drive, with notes during the meeting.

I tell the team that the next version of our web app, written in Go (Google’s server language) was just uploaded onto Google App Engine (their app hosting platform). The client side is in Javascript, but we might update it to use Dart (Google’s client-side language), when that’s ready.

We’ve already got Google Checkout payment integrated, which makes measuring our Google Ads conversions with Google Analytics easy. We’re hoping to rank highly in Google Search, or no-one will find us. We’ve just started promoting it on our G+ page (we migrated from Blogger), and our Youtube demo video seemed popular.

Who knows, if the product goes really well, Google might acquire us.

It’s just a silly story. Move along. :-)


  1. Steve Knight said,

    March 14, 2013 at 14:11

    Just think yourself lucky you don’t read your RSS feeds on your Google RSS reader!

  2. XYZ said,

    March 3, 2013 at 14:43


    After the day’s work I come home by my driver-less Google Car. My Nexus phone automatically authenticates me and the door powered by Google Lock automatically opens.

    I have a fridge which has Google Eyes that automatically scans it’s shelves to intelligently calculate what’s missing, and orders it. Based on my eating habits, it figures out how much nutrition I am consuming each day and tries to help me with my diet plans. So right after entering my house, I go to my fridge to eat something.

    It’s 8:00 PM and my Nexus phone turns on my Google TV.

    I am not married and had a break-up recently, so I live alone. But that’s not a problem because I have a Google LoveDroid. As soon as it’s 10:00 PM, a scantly-clad voluptuous woman sits next to me. My Nexus automatically turns off the TV and dims the lights.

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