March 31, 2006

Amazon cuts negative reviews

Posted in Society at 13:29 by graham

A very interesting article about Amazon censoring a negative review. I have had exactly the same experience. I left a negative but, I thought, well written review which explained why I didn’t enjoy the book. Amazon never posted it. When I wrote to them they claimed it was pulled because I revealed too much about the book (I didn’t).

All this to say don’t buy a book based on it’s reviews on Amazon – they may only represent one side of the story.

Amazon: Good web services, unethical editors.

Update: It seems this practice is nothing new. See articles in the New-York Times, and online here and here

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  1. Tomalak Geret’kal said,

    April 7, 2006 at 00:50

    The article you link to is interesting enough, and I have no doubt that such censorship does go on on the internet — Amazon in particular — but whilst reading Brian’s story I couldn’t help but feel that he was, indeed, missing the point of a book review somewhat. Which is a shame because in theory I would be on his side. But I just didn’t get the impression that he really understood what the reasons were behind the removal of his reviews.

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