October 23, 2005

Anti-gravity platform

Posted in Ideas at 14:19 by graham

Fact 1: Cats always land on their feet. Fact 2: Buttered toast always lands butter side down.

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OK, maybe this one won’t work :-)

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  1. graham said,

    October 31, 2005 at 19:50

    m.p. , Wed May 4 14:04:03 2005 :

    dr. mengele’s cat & toast experiments. http://www-stud.uni-essen.de/~sdjafroe/index_projekte.php?page=projekte/16/p16

    the krauts did it. in german, of course.

    Schmegly , Thu Jan 27 00:43:58 2005 :

    I think i found u memo in my tree… did it say “Whoever finds this cat please give it a good home, and if its dead, a proper burial?

    thomasthecat , Mon Aug 23 17:43:40 2004 :

    hi all. I tied a slice of toast to my cat, butter side up, and dropped him from my 1st floor window. He landed on his ass! Does this prove anything?

    one eyed jack , Wed Jul 21 21:06:09 2004 :

    Nice work dude! Tried it on my cat Suzie. Instead of using a helium baloon, I used the cat with a message attached to it. Floated away like a feather. So if anyone finds the message (figure the birds will eventually get to the bread) let me know as final proof that this experiment works.

    TheNumHulk , Mon Nov 10 02:08:17 2003 :

    criminal minded, youve been blinded.

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