October 23, 2005

Pedestrian crossing

Posted in Ideas at 14:21 by graham

In many countries, pedestrian crossings have a button you press to signal your desire to cross. After a little while this makes the traffic lights go red for the cars and lights up a green man allowing you to cross.

Often you press the button whilst some cars go past, then realize there is no more traffic, so you cross the road. The lights don’t know you have already crossed so a bit later the traffic lights go red and the cars stop and wait whilst no-one crosses. Wouldn’t it be much better if there was a button you could press just before you crossed saying that you don’t need the lights to change any more ?

Anti-gravity platform

Posted in Ideas at 14:19 by graham

Fact 1: Cats always land on their feet. Fact 2: Buttered toast always lands butter side down.

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OK, maybe this one won’t work :-)

Cat stroker

Posted in Ideas at 14:19 by graham

Cats love affection, but particularly they love being rubbed on their cheek. I guess they have scent glands there which give them pleasure when rubbed. That would be an evolutionary mechanism to make them want to spread their scent around.

So I propose a machine made of two soft rollers, upright facing each other, with a pressure sensitive pad in the middle. The cat presses the pad and the rollers rotate, one pressing against each of the cats cheeks. Think of the two upright rollers of a very small car-wash to visualise the two rollers.

Dog Rentals

Posted in Ideas at 14:18 by graham

If you live in the city and work all day, you probably can’t have a dog. But when you go for a walk in the country, wouldn’t it be great to have a friendly dog walk with you and fetch sticks and leap around and do all sorts of dog things ? Enter dog rentals.

At the start of major walking trails a dog rental business could setup. In the same way you can rent horses, you could rent dogs. They would have to be a friendly easy going breed that loves company, maybe golden retrievers ? The walkers get a friend to walk with and a more enjoyable walk, the dogs gets loads of walking and affection, and you get income.

Office Mum

Posted in Ideas at 14:18 by graham

Mum’s, over the course of being Mums, develop an extraordinary ability to manage a house, put up with squealing brats, multitask, remember a range of important unconnected information, and generally get things done under duress.

If you run a high-tech company, have you ever thought that your techies were maybe a little childish ?. They need someone to feed them (at lunchtime), remember everything for them (such as renewing their passports), all the whilst putting up with their antics.

Enter the office mum. Think of an office mum as a PA on, euh, tea. Mums who’s children have left home adopt your company as their child, and manage everything whilst putting up with your techies. The Mum gets money and recognition, the techies get babysat and home cooked lunches, and you (the person-in-charge) get happy productive techies and don’t have to put up with any dramas.

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