April 9, 2012

Ward Cunningham quotes

Posted in Society, Software at 01:14 by graham

There’s an excellent interview of Ward Cunningham at InfoQ (Nov 2011). He talks about agile, wiki’s (including smallest-federated-wiki), meta-programming, CoffeeScript, but mainly about living as a developer. He is fascinating and motivating. Here are some of my favorite quotes :

On pair programming / social coding

I don’t think any developer really wanted to work alone, but they got a reputation as being loners that was unjustified because they did so much in their head.

On agile’s pace of development

I feel that the formulation of most Agile methods are a little plodding, you are coming in, you do the same amount of work every day, but you don’t have days go by where nothing gets done. Like the tortoise and the hair, and the tortoise wins the race, because the tortoise doesn’t get stuck.

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