December 22, 2011

Proxy and nginx on the same port, over SSL

Posted in Software at 23:32 by graham

My current project has a realtime part, using on nodejs, and a web part using django on nginx / gunicorn. Here’s a setup to put them both on the same port, and make them both go over SSL. I’m assuming you’re on Ubuntu.

Disclaimer: I got this working last night, so no promises. You’ll certainly want to tweak haproxy’s config for performance. I also only tested it with’s web socket transport.


  • stunnel decrypts the ssl, so everything after that doesn’t know about it. It decrypts both web traffic (HTTPS to HTTP), and web socket traffic (WSS to WS).
  • haproxy sends web socket traffic to node and web traffic to nginx.
  • node runs, handling the web socket traffic.
  • nginx serves static content.
  • gunicorn runs python / django, and there’s a database out back somewhere, but that’s not relevant here.

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