June 30, 2010

A quote from Richard Stallman

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I have done most of my work while anxious about whether I could do the job, and unsure that it would be enough to achieve the goal if I did. But I tried anyway, because there was no one but me between the enemy and my city. Surprising myself, I have sometimes succeeded.

From this article about GNU HURD.

June 5, 2010

Notes from O'Reilly's Website Optimization

Posted in Software at 04:59 by graham

These are my notes from O’Reilly’s Website Optimization. It is a strange book, that will appeal to the one-renaissance-person web business: someone who optimizes Javascript for performance and tracks Google Ads conversion goals. You’re bound to find a useful chapter in here, but I doubt you will find more than one relevant to you. Here are my notes:

Website Optimization. Conversion Rate Optimization

The art and science of persuading your site visitors to take actions that benefit you.


Site must appear credible: Often a gut reaction. Source credibility theory: Perceived expertise and trustworthiness.

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