August 26, 2009

Social psychology in sales copy: Good copy writing

Posted in Behaviour at 19:03 by graham

I recently received an advert for an investment fund in which, as the amateur social psychologist that I am, I noticed illustrated a couple of psychological principles. The are both covered in the email title:

Last chance to invest in a firm favourite

They are covered again in more detail in this paragraph:

The x y z Fund only launched six months ago, but has already attracted considerable interest. To keep it small and flexible the number of units has been capped at 200 million. Last week they had reached two-thirds of that total and interest is intensifying. In the last two days alone they sold over 6 million units, so it is likely to close very soon.

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August 10, 2009

Choosing a message queue for Python on Ubuntu on a VPS

Posted in Software at 06:05 by graham

Updated Sep 13, 2011 to include redis, remove stompserver, and update beanstalkd

More and more, my web apps need to run things in the background: Sending email, re-calculating values, fetching website thumbnails, etc. In short, I need a message queue in my toolbox.

Luckily for me, message queues are plentiful, so there’s some excellent options. I looked at RabbitMQ, Gearman, Beanstalkd, and Redis.

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