June 16, 2009

Django dynamic forms and formsets

Posted in Software at 02:08 by graham

A couple of great posts which explain Django dynamic forms and advanced formset usage very clearly:

June 11, 2009

How and Why to extend Firefox in Javascript

Posted in Software at 04:29 by graham

I will be giving this talk on Friday 12th June, at Open Web Vancouver 2009.

How and Why to extend Firefox from Graham King

June 10, 2009

Unix shared directory permissions: GUID and umask

Posted in Software at 20:11 by graham

I setup my Mercurial repository in the same way we used to do CVS, then SVN: A directory owned by a group, with the GUID bit, and all users who need to commit are in that group.

The steps are, create the group and add relevant users to it:

sudo groupadd topsecretgroup
sudo usermod -a -G topsecretgroup graham

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