May 31, 2008

Passenger airlines will charge by volume and weight

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Update: Five years after I wrote this, it is actually happening. Samoa Air boss defends charging passengers by weight on BBC News 2nd Apr 2013.

Update: Eight years after I wrote this, The Economist remarks In fact, on a purely economic basis, it makes sense to charge passengers by weight, since that is directly correlated with fuel usage, which goes a long way in determining flight costs in article 21st Oct 2016

When you send a parcel by air, the price depends on the volume and weight of that parcel. Volume, because you are buying a certain amount of space in the plane. Weight, because the heavier the plane’s cargo, the more fuel it takes to get it off the ground. You pay for the fuel to fly your parcel.

The pricing structure for air mail / air freight is closely linked to the costs faced by the airline.

When you travel with your parcels, a disconnect appears. You buy a certain amount of space – typically a seat for yourself, a small bag and one or two big bags. A bigger seat (‘business’, ‘premium’, etc) is more money. Extra bags is more money. But you’re not paying by weight – and I think that will have to change.

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May 20, 2008

A quote from Seth Godin

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It’s hard for me to see why you’d bother having someone come all the way to an office just to sit in a cube and type. The new rule seems to be that if you’re going to spend the time and the money to see someone face to face, be in their face. Interact or stay home!

My thoughts entirely.

Original post: Seth Godin – The new standard for meetings and conferences

Host your own Internet

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When I first got my own server (a virtual private server with Linode which I highly recommend), I ran every Internet service I needed on it, and several for my friends. Over time, I gradually started replacing what I had with online services – I stopped running my own e-mail server and started using GMail, I stopped running my own gallery and used Flickr. Now I really rely on those services, so I got to thinking what I would replace them with if one of them was no longer available, or appropriate. Here’s what I would use:

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May 2, 2008

Clay Shirky at Web 2.0 Expo – just watch it

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If you really don’t want to watch it, read the transcript of Clay Shirky’s talk at Web2.0 Expo.