February 25, 2007

BarCampLondon2 wrapup

Posted in Society, Software at 14:05 by graham

Last weekend I attended BarCampLondon2. Bar Camp is an unconference, where a group of like minded people get together, everyone presents a topic / session, and we all hang out and discuss things. On the morning of the first day you write your topic on a card and stick it on a board where times and rooms are layed out in a grid.

The most interesting sessions for me were the following:

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February 16, 2007

Jimbo – Monitor your server with Jabber

Posted in Software at 00:11 by graham

Webapps are often built and managed by single person or small teams. For example, I run 11 sites and web apps, just in my spare time, on one virtual server. I need to know if that server is up. We need a lightweight, low/zero maintenance way to monitor applications and servers. Mainly we are concerned about presence of our application. Is it there ?

Where else does presence matter ? Why, in Instant Messaging applications of course. Currently we record presence of our friends in our messenger clients. Well, servers can be our friends too !

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