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Web systems I have built and usually host. See also my Desktop / Server projects.

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“Find new things to do and places to go based on recommendations from people like you. Save all your product and place reviews in one place. Share with friends.”

Two year project, doing everything from server and database setup and admin (three Linode machines), through Python / Django development, up to the Javascript front end and the HTML / CSS. There’s a back-end worker daemon connected to the site via Gearman doing all sorts of clever things behind the scenes, such as computing similar users, calculating recommendations, and pulling and pushing data to / from Facebook, Twitter, and many other sites.

Python, Django, Javascript, jQuery, Memcached, Facebook & Twitter APIs, Nginx, Gearman, Sphinx Search, MySQL

Acquired by Local.com in early 2011


Good Energy

Startup I co-founded, focused on pro-environmental behavior change.

Python, Django, Javascript, jQuery, Memcached, Nginx, Gearman, MySQL

Open-sourced as goodenergy on github

Good Energy (sales site) or Play with it here

Sprowtt Marketplace

Crowd-sourced IPO. Two week contract, getting the project ready for a TechCrunch 50 launch.

Python, Django, Javascript, jQuery

Launched at TechCrunch 50 in 2009

Sprowtt Marketplace


A new kind of real estate investment company that pays cash today for a share of a property’s future appreciation.

Python, Django, Javascript, YUI, RendezVous, Solaris, MySQL cluster


KBC Financial Products

I worked here many years. Most of these systems were for investors only, so they require a login.

Structured Credit Products KBC Alpha hedge fund (now Pan Asia Alpha Strategies) KBC Alternative Investment Management hedge fund (fund closed) Python, Django, Solaris, MySQL

Graduate Recruitment (awards) KBC Financial Products Home PHP, Drupal, Solaris, MySQL

C.D.O and Structured Credit Vehicles Fund Derivatives / Fund of Funds Java, Struts, Hibernate, Tomcat, Solaris, Oracle


Previous employers:

Personal Projects


Write on the web. General shoutbox. Intended as platform for me to experiment with web-based push technologies, client side-sockets, that type of thing.

Go. Previously: PHP

Plebis.Net More details on Plebis.Net

(There’s also a server-side Javascript version at AppJet: http://plebis.appjet.net)

Rational Fear

Searchable database of the World Health Organisation’s mortality stats (ICD-10). Find out what people like you die of.

Python, Django, Linux, MySQL

RationalFear.com More details and analysis


French Wine online. Search French wines by name, region, or grape. Mashup of the French wine laws (A.O.C.) and Google Maps. Converting French texts of law into a searchable database, extracting place names and wine names, took an enormous amount of heavy lifting in Python, with some help from Google’s geocoder. My most under-appreciated site, if you want my opinion.

Python, Django, Javascript, Google Maps, Linux, MySQL

Find The Vine

Carriage Return

A daily dose of software engineering wisdom – inspiring, thought provoking, and sometimes just plain dangerous. Not so much a website as a RSS / Atom site.

Go, Linux, PostgreSQL. Previously: Python, Django, RSS, Linux, MySQL

Carriage Return More details on Carriage Return

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