Software Engineer, Web Developer: Hire me

*UPDATE:* I’m working full time. I’m not available for work. Thanks for asking!

I build web-based systems, which means web sites that do things, and I write computer programs. I’m looking for freelance gigs, or full time telecommuting work. I can run your whole web project, design to hosting, or focus on the heavy lifting.

If you’re a startup looking for passion, or a hedge fund looking for an edge, you’ve come to the right place. If you just need to get your business on the web, and this is all a bit confusing, contact me, I can probably help you out in clear English, or in clear French.

My core skills are:

I also dabble in:

Most of my business experience is in finance, especially exotic derivatives such as fund of funds, credit derivatives, life settlements, etc.

Find out a bit more about me:

Find out a lot about me: My Resume / CV

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